Tran Quang Dung Dr.
( Medical Doctor in Hoi an )

Heart Care

Hoi An, a small town, is on the centre cost of Vietnam, it still keeps a original ancient architecture with the friendly dwellers. Hoi An also has a romantic, clean and beautiful beach with a lot of luxury resorts. So, it becomes more and more famous destination of visitors on over the world.
For visiting Hoi an, almost of visitors must spend a long trip, they are very tired, the weather is changing and most of foods are strange with them, so they will get sick very frequently here. In Hoi an, we has 2 hospitals, but almost of nurses and doctors here, they don’t know well foreign languages. Hoi an public hospital, the rooms and medical equipments are very old, it is not so clean, the private one, its rooms are better but qualities of doctors and nurses is still not so good, the prices of services here are quite expensive, a lot of visitors complaint about that.
Knowing well that problem, since 1996 Mr Tran Quang Dung, a Medical Doctor in Hoi an, after a medical training in France, he came back to Hoi an, organized a very active Medical Service in Hoi an. A group of Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory technicians, Drivers they speak well English and French with experiences in this services

Professional work permit N * 115 HNY issued by Health Department of Quang Nam
We may make the consultations for Adults and Children in Our office or in your rooms at any hotels and resorts in Hoi an and Da Nang areas, It includes Internal medicine, tropical diseases, Pediastry, Gynecology, Treatments for wounds bleeding, broken bones, make cast plasters, ear nose throat, eye and skin diseases.
We may also consult for vaccinations, family planning, evacuations, patients transportation , blood, urine ...analysis.
In our office, we have modern doffer color Ultrasound, Electrocardiograph, Physiotherapy equipments, essential blood and urine tests, and we have a car for transportation as need.
At the end of each service in our office or in your hotels room ,we will made the prescription, medical report, medical invoice in English or French with treating Doctor signature and legal stamp, it is convenient for presenting to your Health insurance company later.
Your health and interesting trips are our happiness. Thanks you!


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